How to Make Your Commercial Outdoor Space Luxurious

Creating a luxurious outdoor space for your restaurant, bar, hotel, or shopping center is a rewarding and worthwhile investment. Any type of commercial space– from country clubs to educational campuses and corporate offices–can attract more clients and improve customer experience with a well-appointed and relaxing oasis. Elevate your commercial outdoor space–and watch profits soar–by following these tips.

Plants & Attractive  Landscaping

Landscaping plays an important role in a welcoming outdoor space, whether it’s a quaint café or a hotel courtyard. Improve your property’s visual appeal by adding lush greenery. Hanging baskets, potted plants, vibrant flowers, and a well-marked path can make your outdoor area aesthetically pleasing. When choosing plants and foliage, look for low-maintenance species that will do well in your local climate.

Outdoor Lighting

Bring a touch of luxury to your outdoor seating or dining area with beautiful lighting fixtures that spotlight landscape features and provide a welcoming glow. Brass sconces and metal chandeliers can add style while ensuring your space is well-lit for guests. Properly lit walkways and paths can create a romantic vibe while helping to prevent accidents or falls. Always opt for warm lighting (2700 – 4000K), which emits a golden hue and promotes relaxation.

Water Feature

A water feature brings a magnificent aesthetic to any commercial outdoor setting—a small fountain, cascade, or koi pond ushers in a peaceful and serene feel. When done well, a decorative water feature can create soothing sounds that will engage the senses and impress your customers.

Luxury Pergola (move this paragraph above Water Feature)

Pergolas offer shelter from the elements along with privacy and shade, making them ideal for commercial outdoor areas. A luxury pergola roof makes an excellent addition to any venue looking to create a high-end atmosphere and elevate the customer experience. With an automated pergola roof, you can invest in quality furniture that will not  become damaged by UV rays or rain. Opt for colors and textures that will enhance the feel of your space, and explore accessorizing with throw pillows and rugs for a stylish outdoor environment.

Elevate Your Outdoor Commercial Space

Ready to transform your commercial terrace or patio into a lavish retreat? Outdoor Elements USA is your source of inspiration. Our luxury pergola features promise unrivaled comfort and will make your space a popular gathering place, rain or shine. Each pergola system is customized to your exact needs and aesthetic preference.

Consider ramping up the luxe factor with integrated LED lighting, built-in infrared heating systems, designer fans, or automated privacy screens. Smart controls provide on-demand protection from changing weather, closing the louvered roof when rain or wind is present. Our innovative control system can also adjust the LED lighting for just the right ambiance.

With thoughtful planning and our luxury pergola systems, you can create an elegant outdoor environment that your clients will rave about and recommend to their friends.

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