Serenity Pergolas

Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements Offer Full Cover Cooling Shade

When you want the freedom to relax and entertain outdoors in full shade, Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements is the ideal roof structure. Designed and engineered with the same exceptional quality of our Signature line, Serenity Pergolas are constructed with 3"-6" insulated roof panels that stay in place for a solid covering. There is no motor and no automated adjustment, leaving the roof in the same position at all times.

Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements are a beautiful and practical element in your outdoor living space, and are particularly popular when installed in conjunction with other pergolas that have adjustable louvers, giving your outdoor space the ultimate in adaptability. Serenity Pergolas insulated panels maximizes the cooling effect of their shade. Make your outdoor space an inviting oasis with a Serenity Pergola custom designed to your unique specifications.

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Benefits of Our Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements

  • Provide full shade and rain coverage with solid roof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Insulated design provides maximum cooling in high temperatures
  • 100% water resistant with a Polyamide coating on .028" aluminum skin
  • Integrated gutter system to filter out the rain
  • Available in 3", 4" and 6" thick closed cells foam
  • Engineered to adapt to snow loads and solar panel structures
  • Crafted from powder coated aluminum, offering superior quality and durability
  • High quality materials give you a beautiful structure that will also standup to weather and resist corrosion
  • In addition to custom sizes and shapes, Serenity Pergolas are also available in many standard sizes

Customize Your Serenity Pergola with State-of-the-Art Features

  • Optional Innovative lighting: Integrated LED, LED Colors RGB, LED post lights, Recessed LED Lights - See Our Lighting Options
  • Available in solid white and golden oak wood grain colors
  • Custom built for you in any shape or style
  • Motorized screens controlled with Somfy smart control
  • Designer fans
  • Personalize your Serenity Pergola to match the existing design and style of your home or business with corbels, post wraps, and cantilever upgrade options.

See more details about the features that make your Serenity Pergola one-of-a-kind.

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