Luxury Louvered Roofs Made in the USA

U.S.-designed and manufactured goods have superior cachet throughout the world. Products that are ‘Made in the USA’ are viewed as high-quality, innovative and reliable. As growing numbers of consumers are looking to support American business and homegrown products, Outdoor Elements is doing its part to contribute to the health of our economy and future generations. We understand the value of building locally and honoring the tradition of American ingenuity.

It’s precisely this reason that we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing our louvered roof systems right here in the USA. We are proud to say that the vast majority of our materials and components are sourced from other U.S. companies. While prices for American-made goods tend to be higher than their foreign counterparts, the products are manufactured to superior quality standards of craftsmanship, detail, durability, and safety.

Made in the USA Means Superior Quality

Our components such as extruded aluminum, motors, electronics, machine fittings, and powder coating materials, create the strongest, most durable louvered roof system on the market.At every phase of design, engineering, and production, Outdoor Elements knows what materials are used, where they come from, and the quality controls in place. In this way, our company can produce the most durable louvered roof systems for residential and commercial applications.

The quality and reliability of foreign-made products are hard to verify, especially when suppliers outsource jobs to subcontractors.  By contrast, when you see a label that states “Made in the USA,” you can rest assured that the product was manufactured on U.S. soil, where every detail of production is strictly monitored.

Our louvered roof components are not just shipped and assembled here, but actually made here. Electronic parts used in our motorized pergolas are engineered by some of the most recognizable companies in the United States, renowned for producing reliable, high-quality goods.

Whether rooted in national pride, a desire to support the economy, or a cleaner environment, buying goods made in the USA ensures you receive products of superior craftsmanship and quality.

Inspired by American Ingenuity

Enhance the comfort and functionality of your outdoor space with a custom louvered roof that will last for decades to come. Louvered pergolas adjust to changing weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy pool parties, barbecues or family gatherings, rain or shine.

Contact us today to discuss how Outdoor Elements can increase the value of your home or business with an American-made louvered roof built just for you. Call (855) 430-8722 or contact us online!

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