5 Tips for a Luxurious Indoor-Outdoor Living Space That’s Easy to Maintain

If you’ve been dreaming of a serene retreat that’s an extension of your interior living space—Outdoor Elements has the answer. You can create a luxurious indoor-outdoor living space that is always ready to welcome you, your family, your pets, and your guests. Read more for practical tips for a low-maintenance backyard paradise you can enjoy for years.

1.      Use materials that are built to last

Whether you use your indoor-outdoor space to cook, dine, watch the big game—or all of the above, choose durable furnishings that are beautiful and functional. High-quality pieces won’t need to be replaced every year, which will save you considerably money over time.

Hardwoods like teak and shorea are water and pest-resistant and they maintain their  beauty with age. Other options include aluminum and steel, which are less prone to dents or rust than other metals. For cushions and seating, look for acrylic upholstery, which is less likely to fade, mold, or mildew when exposed to sun and rain.

2.      Protect your space from the elements

Adding a louvered patio cover  to your outdoor area  is a great way to keep it cool, clean, and dry. Outdoor Elements can customize your system to suit your vision of a luxury outdoor living space. Our systems are engineered to incorporate heating, cooling, and lighting elements within the design—so you won’t see exposed hardware, creating a clean and polished look.

If you choose an automated louvered pergola, you can easily adapt your system to the weather using  our remote control or any smart device for optimum convenience.

3.      Choose luscious  native plants

Greenery adds warmth and vitality to indoor-outdoor living areas. Stop by your local nursery or outdoor supply store to  ask for recommendations for plants and flowers that are native to your region. You can also work with a landscape designer who will install  low-maintenance plants and trees.  Mowing and lawn care can be reduced by replacing grass with pavers, bricks, or stone.

4.      Install lighting for instant ambiance

With nature as your backdrop, you don’t have to do much to enhance your backyard. Lighting is an easy and effective way to set the mood amidst the natural landscape. It connects the indoors to the outdoors and allows you to utilize both spaces long after sunset. With built-in recessed lighting and post lights on our custom louvered pergolas, you can light your entire outdoor space or change to “party mode” with ambient RGB illumination.

5.        Provide easy access to the outdoors

You’re more likely to spend time in an indoor-outdoor space that’s easy to access. Sliding glass retractable doors allow the natural light and fresh air to flow in and provide a stunning view of the afternoon light or a brilliant sunset.

Your indoor-outdoor space reflects your home’s personality and your lifestyle. Let Outdoor Elements create a one-of-a-kind pergola or louvered roof system that blends in seamlessly with your home.

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