How Do I Keep My Outdoor Space Cool?

Designated shade structures, cooling systems, and drop-down screens can help keep your backyard living space cool and comfortable when the temperatures climb. Don’t let intense  heat limit your outdoor enjoyment this season. Relish that extra square footage with these tips on cooling your backyard patio or deck.

Install a Patio Cover

The summer sun can make outdoor spaces unbearably hot – especially between the hours of 12-3. Provide some much-needed shade to your backyard space with a permanent patio cover or pergola.

Unlike umbrellas or shade sails that offer limited coverage and questionable durability, a professionally installed pergola promises the maximum return on your investment. Modern pergolas feature multiple roof designs and customized options that will elevate the functionality and style of your outdoor patio.

Automated Screens

Take your beautiful pergola to the next level of cooling comfort by adding automated screens. These technological wonders provide extra UV protection without blocking the breeze. Available in several on-trend colors, pergola screens…

  • Can be controlled with a click of a button
  • Maintain airflow to keep you cool
  • Keep out mosquitos and other pests
  • Provide privacy from nearby neighbors

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Fans are another way to cool down your outdoor space. By circulating the air, they create refreshing  breezes to help lower the ambient temperature. Freestanding and clamp-on fans can do the trick on the muggiest of days, but a ceiling fan will move more air for better temperature displacement.

Pergolas with fans promise the ultimate air circulation on sweltering days while bringing a stylish touch to your patio space. Embellish your outdoor environment with a pergola ceiling fan that speaks to your taste – be it a weathered wood grain finish or tasteful metallic bronze.

Misting Systems

Patio misting systems are in high demand for good reason. By spraying ultra-fine water droplets into the air, these systems make outdoor living pleasurable during the dog days of summer.

Misting systems help to lower the surrounding temperature through evaporative cooling. A misting system can be invaluable in humid regions where rising temperatures are exacerbated by moisture in the air. As the mist droplets evaporate, the system can create cool pockets of air for a more comfortable alfresco experience.

Shade Plants

Fast-growing plants and shrubs are an excellent way to create more shade and enhance the aesthetics of your patio space. Depending on your location, you might consider perennial clematis that produces eye-catching blossoms several times a year. Other quick-growing options include:

  • Japanese Holly
  • Privet
  • Boxwood
  • Skip Laurel

Strategically planted near your patio cover or pergola, these plantings can also bring a lush contrast to your outdoor space.

Keep Your Outdoor Space Cool Year-Round

If you want to beat the heat this summer with a backyard patio that’s as beautiful as it is functional, contact Outdoor Elements USA. Our luxury pergola products for residential and commercial spaces can be equipped with energy-efficient cooling features.

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