How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re the type of person who enjoys spending a lot of time entertaining friends and family outdoors, you need a living space that complements your flair for hosting. An outdoor kitchen is a stellar way to make the most of your entertainment space, extending the welcoming warmth of your home’s interior to the outdoors.

Perks of an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity over the years for various reasons. Adding an Outdoor Element pergola to your backyard kitchen space is a worthy investment because:

  1. It will boost your curb appeal.
  2. It adds value to your home.
  3. It makes for a great family space.
  4. It’s the perfect space for entertaining.
  5. It extends your living space.

If you’re big into cooking but find yourself feeling bored from staring at the same four kitchen walls and disconnected from your guests because you’re stuck at the stove, an outdoor cooking space could be the answer. Afterall, kitchens are the heart of the home— why not extend that sentiment to your backyard with an outdoor kitchen?

Create a Unique Entertainment Space in 3 Steps

The perfect setup for your outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be extravagant. But, if you’ve got the means to create a space that’s more all-inclusive, there are three elements you should consider for an outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of the Grill

Your outdoor kitchen should be centered around your grilling space. Be sure to take the right safety precautions! Position your grill out of the way from where kids play, as well as away from things that can catch fire.

Once that’s taken care of, move on to considering style. Some people prefer a standalone grill, while others who want their outdoor kitchen to look like a sleek version of the one indoors, prefer a built-in one. Built-in grills look clean and professional and usually have lower cabinets that hide the propane tank and charcoal.

Consider the Cabinets

If you’d like to save a little on cost and already have a grill, try adding cabinetry around it. Outdoor stainless-steel cabinetry not only holds up against the elements but looks great and will complement the sleek style you’re going for. Consider wrapping the sides and back in wood for a more complete look.

Elevate Your Space with a Pergola

When deciding what elements to add to your outdoor kitchen, finding the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics is a high priority. Outdoor Elements’ luxury louvered pergolas can expand and elevate your space with a backyard design that captures your individual style and gives you control over the atmosphere.

Our pergolas are engineered to be the ultimate in design, technology, precision installation, and customization. With automated retractable screens and walls, you and your guests can be comfortable and protected from the elements, so you can enjoy your outdoor space year-round. LED lights, designer fans, sound systems, and more can be incorporated in your pergola build— if you can dream it, we can help you make it happen.

Start Building Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Space

Outdoor Elements’ luxury louvered roofs and pergolas will transform your backyard into a chef’s oasis. Our team will work with you to custom design every detail exactly how you want it, making it the perfect fit for your home.

Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look, a colorful and inviting area, or a classic pergola accompanied by a fire pit, your new outdoor kitchen will quickly become the place to be. Contact us to learn more about how Outdoor Elements brings customized luxury to your outdoor space.


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