Outdoor Luxury with a Pitched Roof Skypeak Pergola

Create a sophisticated, luxurious outdoor space with Outdoor Element’s Skypeak Pergola. The newest pitched roof pergola combines style and functionality with durable materials, modern technology, and a dramatic peak that adds a classic, high-end look to any outdoor space. Here is why you will love a Skypeak Pergola for your outdoor space.

Perfectly Even Center Pitch

The soaring pitch of the Skypeak Pergola creates a visually striking focal point in your outdoor living space. Unlike other manufacturers, it does not require field technicians to piece together two separate systems. It is meticulously engineered with a perfectly even center pitch, offering a seamless and upgraded aesthetic.

Engineered for Any Climate

Versatility meets reliability in the Skypeak Pergolas, as they are ingeniously designed to thrive in multiple climate regions. Functioning as an engineered system, these pergolas are a testament to Outdoor Elements’ commitment to quality. Whether you face scorching summers or chilly winters (or both), the Skypeak Pergola is designed to provide a comfortable and durable outdoor living solution year-round.

Designed to Perform Freestanding or Attached

The adaptability of the Skypeak Pergola is a key feature. It offers the flexibility to perform as a freestanding structure or seamlessly attach to existing buildings. This versatility empowers homeowners with choices, allowing them to integrate the pergola into their outdoor space according to their preferences and spatial constraints.

Custom Sizes

Outdoor Elements recognizes that one size does not fit all, and the Skypeak Pergolas offer a broad spectrum of options. In addition to customizable sizes and shapes tailored to individual preferences, there is a range of standard sizes available. This ensures that whether you have a specific vision or prefer a tried-and-true design, Skypeak Pergolas can cater to your unique outdoor living aspirations.

So, whether you want a stand-alone outdoor living space, seamlessly extend your living space, use it as a carport, or create a beautiful gathering space on a vineyard, the options are endless. The design works beautifully in any setting and is particularly well-suited for more traditional or classic applications.

Built To Last

The Skypeak Pergola not only looks good but is also designed with high-quality materials, such as powder-coated aluminum. It guarantees a luxurious finish that is rust-resistant, easy to clean, and can withstand the elements. It is also expertly engineered so you can enjoy your shaded and luxurious oasis for years.

Customizable Design

Every outdoor space is different, so we offer customizable solutions for our Skypeak Pergolas and other outdoor structures.

You can personalize your Skypeak Pergola by:

  • Choosing from a variety of classic and designer colors
  • Installing optional Innovative Lighting, such as integrated LED, RGB LED Colors, LED Post Lights, Recessed LED Lights
  • Including motorized screens controlled with Smart Control
  • Adding designer fans and heaters to accent your roof peak

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If you’re looking for a beautifully designed and well-engineered pergola to extend your living space, shop Outdoor Elements’ array of pergolas today. We offer luxury pergolas that provide comfort, durability, and relaxation.


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