Throw the Best Outdoor Party Any Time of the Day

Planning your next backyard get-together is a breeze when the weather is cooperating. If less ideal weather is forecasted, the last thing you want is your soirée ruined by rain or an unseasonably hot day.

What if you could throw the best outdoor party any time of year–regardless of the conditions outside? With the right structure and a little planning, you can keep your guests comfortable and maximize quality time in the fresh air.

Luxury Louvered Patio Cover

Transform your backyard into the perfect place for hosting friends and family with louvered patio covers by Outdoor Elements USA. Our pergolas are adjustable, which means you and your guests are protected from the wind, rain and UV rays. More homeowners are looking for ways to expand the functionality of outdoor living spaces for social gatherings, and our Signature Louvered Roofs are a terrific way to do just that. Engineered with premium aluminum components, these patio covers allow you to open or close the pergola roof with your smart phone or remote control.

The louvers can be rotated to allow just the right amount of sun or closed completely for total shade and rain protection. When closed, the patio cover keeps your guests–and outdoor furnishings–dry and protected.

The  sensor system, included in our adjustable systems, monitors weather and ambient humidity levels, rotating  the roof louvers, as necessary. This means worry-free protection from the elements any time of the day because the patio cover will close automatically at the first sign of water droplets.

What about a dinner party when the temperature dips? Cold-weather outdoor entertaining is possible when you have built-in heating elements to keep partygoers warm and cozy. Our pergolas feature innovative  heating systems manufactured by Infratech and Bromic heating. So, whether you’re throwing a casual dinner or themed party for friends, the cool weather won’t disrupt your plans.

Elevate your Patio with Lighting and Furniture

Set the mood and ambience with outdoor lighting and decor. Our patio covers feature integrated LED lighting to keep the  entertaining going after sunset, but there are many other options to consider–from candles and solar lanterns to Tikki torches. If your outdoor party is themed, it is time to get creative with decorations, chic centerpieces and tableware. Another way to elevate your backyard event  is to incorporate texture. Think wicker or rattan furniture, plush cushions, and  woven rugs. Visually interesting lighting and thoughtful décor will create a memorable party.

Elevate your Outdoor Entertaining

With the right patio cover, you can bring a designer’s touch to your next alfresco gathering. The best part is you can customize our pergola products with a range of luxe features, like designer patio fans, misting machines, and automated privacy screens. Contact us today for more information about our louvered patio pergolas for residential settings.

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