Outdoor Learning Space

Outside Learning Under a Louvered Patio Cover

America went from community-based schools to homeschooling virtually overnight. This sudden shift stumped many of us as we considered how we’d make room for the monumental shift. Where can a classroom fit? Do we sacrifice the dining room table? Do we trust teenagers to be typing instead of texting up in their rooms? Can the living room function as a classroom with the television beckoning? Do we convert spare rooms or sunrooms into a child-designated learning space? There is no easy blanket answer for every household, but a louvered roof at home has emerged as one innovative solution without boundaries.

Luxury Louvered Roofs Enhance Outdoor Learning Environments

Unlike a pergola, which comes with fixed slats, a luxury louvered roof can be adjusted for on-demand sun or shade using a remote or mobile app. Automatic sensors respond to rain and wind for worry-free patio protection. Spotlights, downlights, color-changing LEDs, heating components, and fans can all be integrated into your personalized learning environment. Luxury louvered roof systems are a popular choice for designing backyard retreats and outdoor home schools alike.

Benefits of Converting Outdoor Living Space Into a Homeschool Environment

There are many science-backed reasons to consider using your outside living space as a place to hold home school. According to researchers at the University of Wisconsin:

  • Children who learn outdoors have increased standardized test scores and achievement.
  • Outdoor learning leads to better attitudes about education
  • Physical activity increases with outdoor learning; symptoms of stress and ADHD decrease.
  • Students who spend time learning outside have a heightened sense of self, independence, confidence, and creativity.
  • Time outdoors improves decision-making and problem-solving skills, self-discipline, and initiative.
  • Outdoor experiences help children connect with nature.
  • Family members find it easier to get involved in student learning in a more fluid and open space.

A Luxury Louvered Roof Makes All the Difference

Imagine a classroom that knows no boundaries. Outdoor Elements USA can provide a luxury louvered roof that creates a definitive sense of space, without enclosed walls stifling the spirit. Children can learn in comfort in any weather with a patio roof that adjusts to let in fresh air and sunlight or keep out wind and rain. Built-in lighting delivers just the right amount of ambiance to accommodate early morning routines. Add a yoga mat, an exercise station, or playground equipment for a seamless transition into brain breaks. Stock lunch in an outdoor fridge or grill nearby.

Outdoor Elements louvered roofs can make the difference between using a patio as a half-hearted homework spot and imagining an inspired learning environment your child will look forward to each day. With the right design, engineering, customization, and personal attention, your outdoor space can transform into the heart of the home.

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