Embracing Outdoor Living Spaces

Today’s architectural designs for residential and commercial properties are taking a more holistic approach with an emphasis on health and wellness. Over the past two decades, the focus on outdoor living has become more important than ever, recognizing our deep affinity for the natural world.

The sensory pleasures of fresh air, natural sunlight, and cooling breezes significantly impact our physical and emotional well-being. The benefits of being outside are numerous and well-researched.

Studies indicate that being outside can help reduce stress, lower cortisol levels and boost creativity and concentration. Regular exposure to natural environments also improves the immune system. Workplaces incorporating biophilic elements and outdoor spaces tend to have fewer sick employees. Whether used for work gatherings, socializing with friends, or a backyard focal point, outdoor living spaces are highly desirable.

Pergolas Optimize Outdoor Living

Pergolas from Outdoor Elements offer a sense of shelter and protection that one expects from indoor rooms but with all the perks of being in nature. Patio pergolas are versatile structures that can be adapted to complement any setting, from hotel courtyards and senior housing complexes to school campuses and suburban backyards. These outdoor structures allow privacy and comfort while still being in the great outdoors, surrounded by trees and sunlight.

The functionality of pergolas in modern society is virtually limitless. They offer variable shade and weather protection and are excellent for entertainment events, outdoor kitchens, meditation areas, outdoor dining spaces, and family game or movie nights.

Versatile Designs and Optional Features

Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to an existing structure to create a natural extension of the built environment. The shape, size, and placement of pergolas are primarily determined by the intended use. A pergola can be a standout landscape feature or designed in such a way as to complement existing architecture.

While conventional pergolas have fixed roof slats, there are various styles and materials. In terms of durability and maintenance, Outdoor Elements use extruded aluminum which is superior to wood, acrylic, and PVC. It won’t warp or rust and is resistant to harsh weather.

Pergolas can have fixed solid roofs, insulated roofs, and automated louvers that can be rotated or closed with the touch of a button. Custom modifications include corbels, post wraps, LED lights, and motorized privacy screens that lend a luxurious aesthetic.

Patio pergolas can also be outfitted with modern features to help mitigate the effects of severe weather. Designer fans  provide the perfect relief on hot summer days, and professionally designed and installed heating systems keep your space cozy and comfortable.

Pergolas Complement Any Outdoor Space

The demand for functional outdoor living spaces continues to grow as we realize the myriad health benefits of getting outdoors. A patio pergola by Outdoor Elements USA embraces the perfect blend of interior comforts and outdoor living. Bring style, visual appeal, and the sensory pleasures of nature to your outdoor space. Contact us for more information about our luxury products for residential and commercial applications.



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