Importance of Outdoor Spaces in Senior Living Environments

The most highly-rated senior living facilities recognize the benefits of outdoor spaces for residents’ physical and emotional health. Today’s retirement communities and nursing homes are focusing on quality of life with amenities that encourage outside activity and socialization surrounded by nature.

Assisted living and retirement centers are incorporating several outdoor living resources to meet their residents’ needs and foster social connections. Community gardens, walking trails, swimming, and covered patios for card games and get-togethers are among the most popular additions that keep residents active and engaged. Here are some of the ways senior living environments are encouraging their residents to spend time outdoors and how they can positively affect their mood, physical well-being, and  cognitive functioning

Promotes Physical Health

Regular low-impact activity like walking is one of the best exercises for older adults. Strolls down peaceful  paths can help seniors maintain muscle mass, strength, and mobility while improving balance and coordination.

Sensory Stimulation

Outdoor environments are not only visually appealing–they help to stimulate the senses and counteract the effects of aging. Residents who spend time tending plants and flowers in greenhouses and gardens take pride in their communal efforts and tend to suffer less from depression and anxiety.

Forming Social Connections

Outdoor eating and meeting areas that get residents socializing can help combat loneliness and isolation from living in an assisted living center. A covered outdoor pergola provides a sheltered spot where seniors can comfortably share a meal, play board games, chat, or engage in crafting activities.

Life-Enriching Opportunities

Comfortable and accessible outdoor spaces provide a wide range of life-enriching opportunities for residents, whether tending a flower bed, taking a morning stroll around the grounds, or enjoying a board  game under a shady pergola. Another benefit of dedicated outdoor spaces? Routine sunlight exposure can help regulate circadian rhythms for more restorative sleep.

Improve Quality of Life

Most senior living communities and nursing homes are for-profit businesses under continual pressure to improve their services and attract new clientele. One of the best ways to create a welcoming environment that promotes physical and emotional health is by incorporating outdoor spaces for exercise, socialization, events, and meals.

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