Pergola Parties: Hosting Memorable Events in Your Backyard

There’s both a science and an art to outdoor entertaining. Need to refresh your backyard party skills? We have some practical tips to ensure you are the best host this season. Whether you’re throwing a backyard birthday bash or a casual get-together with friends, these suggestions set the stage for alfresco fun and celebration.

Use Décor to Create Ambiance

Use décor to set the tone and vibe of your backyard pergola party. Themed events are made all the more magical with some thoughtful accents added to the scene. Vases bursting with seasonal blooms, string lights that cast a warm glow, and a well-styled tablescape with matching runners and place settings can make a world of difference.

Choose a Music Playlist

Like lighting and décor, music is another component that sets the mood for your gathering. With the right mix of melodies, your outdoor soiree will be unforgettable! Consider the ages and personalities of your guests and aim for a wide variety of musical genres to appeal to everyone present. You can’t go wrong with upbeat classics, and it can’t hurt to ask for music suggestions before your party to help ensure a well-curated playlist.

Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

If your party guests will have their little ones in tow, consider hiring a babysitter for your event. That way, everyone gets to relax and unwind. Another option is setting up some arts and crafts tables where kids can paint, play games and have fun with  activities designed for their age group.

Keep Your Menu Simple but Delicious

Summer is synonymous with fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether corn-on-the-cob or juicy peaches and watermelon, try incorporating a few of these seasonal delights into your menu. Plan your dishes and prep work in advance so you can be present at the party. Keep things simple and focus on quality ingredients. Maybe a light  pasta salad  or crowd pleasing sliders!.

Elevate Your Beverages

A selection of light and refreshing drinks is a must for your backyard gathering. Consider having an ice bucket so guests can refill at their leisure. You don’t have to be a mixologist to create a signature cocktail or mocktail, so get creative with flavors. Decorative drink stations can be catered to your party’s theme with fun  glassware, straws, fruit, and garnishes.

Varied Seating Options for Conversation

Make sure that you have plenty of comfortable seating for your guests. The secret to a winning backyard party is having several destinations for guests to mingle and dine. Conversations will ebb and flow, and guests will easily move among seating spots and lounging areas where they can chat and have a good time.

Backyard Parties Made Easy

Reliable shelter is a must for an outdoor party since the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Backyard pergolas by Outdoor Elements keep you protected from the sun, rain, and wind. Our pergolas create a comfortable shaded retreat and let you control lighting and adjust the angle of the louvers with the touch of a button. Contact Outdoor Elements USA for more info about our luxury pergola products.


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