The Importance of Backyard Architecture

There are many ways to create outdoor living spaces that seamlessly transition from your home’s interior to the backyard. In the context of backyard architecture, there are several important considerations to keep in mind to ensure functionality, comfort, and continuity. A well-designed backyard with a covered patio from Outdoor Elements can extend your living area and create an oasis you can enjoy regardless of the weather.

Determine Purpose & Function

Before tackling your backyard project, consider how you want to use the space. Do you envision a stylish niche for entertaining guests, a place for fresh air dining, or a combination of the two? The options are almost endless with thoughtful planning and proper infrastructure. Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen with a gas stovetop and fridge? Or how about a peaceful meditation area surrounded by foliage? Understanding the function of your outdoor space will help inform the design process.

Layout & Flow

When designing your outdoor living space, use the same care and attention to detail you would devote to remodeling your home. Plan the layout to ensure a smooth flow between your patio and the rest of the yard. Consider access points to the kitchen or other parts of the house and the amount of expected foot traffic. Be intentional with your arrangement, creating pathways that bring cohesion to the space.

Protection from the Elements

A truly functional outdoor space needs shelter and protection from the elements. A covered patio or pergola does the job perfectly while bringing visual interest to your backyard. The overhead roof, whether partially open or closed, provides welcome relief on scorching days without blocking breezes or views. A seating area under dappled shade can be pure bliss, and you won’t need to stay indoors when it rains.

Size & Shape

A covered patio should be proportional in size to the overall backyard area. Whether you need a little shade near the swimming pool or want an intimate garden nook for relaxation, it should be large enough to suit your needs comfortably. Pergolas can be custom made to accommodate a variety of  styles and shapes. They can be square, rectangular, or made to your specifications for better symmetry and a cohesive aesthetic.

Thoughtful Landscaping

One of the intentions of good landscaping is to draw the eye toward focal points, whether a selection of beautiful flower beds, an outdoor hot tub, or a water feature. You can use taller plants to frame the borders of your yard and create privacy. Smaller hedges or plantings alongside steppingstones are useful for helping guests find their way around your backyard space. Choose low-maintenance greenery that thrives in your local environment. Depending on your location, that may include agaves, palms, boxwoods, or bougainvillea. Whether you add evergreen shrubs, tropical plants, or colorful blooms, carefully chosen greenery creates an inviting atmosphere.


Does your backyard have views? Make the most of your surrounding landscape by arranging seating and dining areas accordingly. Likewise, use plants and garden trellises with creeping vines to camouflage fencing or other unsightly elements.

Luxurious Outdoor Living

Outdoor Elements USA can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space with our revolutionary pergola products. Reach out today to speak with an expert about your vision.


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