Outdoor Living Room

A Beautiful Outside Living Room

More homeowners are embracing the benefits of indoor-outdoor living for easier entertaining, quality family time, and enjoying the mood-boosting effects of nature. One of the biggest must-have design trends in recent years is the outdoor living room, replete with sectional sofas, plush throw pillows, and top-of-the-line entertainment systems.

A well-designed outdoor living space can be the focal point of any home— welcoming guests and providing a calming oasis to relax and unwind. But how do you make an outdoor living room not only cozy and inviting but practical enough for daily use? By installing an Outdoor Elements luxury louvered roof. You can open, close, or angle the louvers with the touch of a button for the desired amount of filtered sun, shade, or rain protection. Thanks to smart engineering, rainwater is channeled into built-in gutters, keeping your furnishings and electronics dry.

Customize Your Outdoor Living Space

An automated louvered roof marries innovation with day-to-day functionality— the result is a seamless connection with your open-air living space. It’s one thing to have a lounge area on the patio-- but quite another to have a roofed, outdoor living room where you can watch movies, entertain, or enjoy Sunday sportscasts knowing that your plans will not be interrupted by the elements. Corrosion-resistant aluminum louvers rotate, giving you complete control over your surroundings.

Create a visually appealing extension of your home that can survive all types of weather. From minimalist to Boho-chic, the options are endless for creating a covered outside living room that captures your aesthetic sensibilities.

When you work with Outdoor Elements, you can expect expert design assistance, exceptional craftsmanship, and exacting attention to every detail. Our louvered roof systems for residential settings can be manufactured to fit any space, and optional features allow for a completely customized look.

Whatever your vision, we can help you design an outdoor living room that will make your backyard the most popular destination for game and movie nights, after-hour cocktails, reading, and quiet contemplation.

Comfortable seating creates a sense of intimacy and harmony that can be elevated with the addition of:

  • TV viewing areas
  • Side tables
  • Privacy screens
  • Integrated heating elements
  • Ambient LED lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Water features
  • Potted plants and greenery
  • Faux sheepskins and plush throws
  • Area rugs for added texture

Outdoor Living Room Ideas

Some of the most well-appointed covered outdoor living rooms boast furnishings and amenities that rival those of interior spaces. With a fully automated louvered roof, you aren’t limited to “outdoor” materials and products that are meant to withstand moisture, UV exposure, and temperature changes.

Need ideas and inspiration for dressing your outdoor living area? From color schemes and accessories to furniture, these tips can prove helpful:

  • For a more uniform look, match the style of your outdoor furnishings and accessories to the formality-- or casual elegance-- of your home
  • Want a more eclectic look? Feel free to bring in new color palettes, fabrics, and styles
  • Try to arrange the seating in a way that naturally encourages socialization and conversation
  • Mix and match complementary colors and textures for added depth
  • Decorative, oversized cushions can add a pop of color and boost comfort levels

Create a Luxurious Extension of Your Home

Ready to create the perfect outdoor living room? Enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings with a custom louvered roof by Outdoor Elements. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Embrace Luxurious Outdoor Living Designed Just for You

Make your outdoor living space reflect your individual style and expand your home to capture moments in tune with nature from peaceful relaxation to festive celebrations. Contact us to learn more about how Outdoor Elements louvered roofs can bring a new level of luxury to your home.