Patio Cover Installation Westminister

Patio Cover Services in Westminister

Outdoor Elements designs and installs luxury Patio Cover systems in homes and businesses throughout Westminister. Our custom-designed, meticulously engineered, and expertly installed pergolas and patio covers are made to enhance your property by seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor spaces.

A small city in northern Orange County, Westminster has changed dramatically throughout the years. What originally began as a strict temperance colony in 1870, is now a modern, international municipality. Today, Westminster is a place where neighbors know each other by name and regularly host gatherings in their homes or backyards. With a louvered roof from Outdoor Elements, residents of this community can build an outdoor oasis on their property to entertain friends day or night. Open the rotating panels for a dose of Vitamin D or close them completely to enjoy the fresh air without the blazing sun. An all-inclusive control system can close roof panels during inclement weather or when you need shade. Circulate air with integrated fans, and turn on the integrated LED lighting system when the sun goes down. With creative colors and finishes, you’ll have no problem finding a design that fits your aesthetic. Louvered-panel roofs also make excellent, value-adding additions to local bars and restaurants.

Our adjustable louvers are made in the USA with materials of the highest quality. Work with a team of talented architects, designers, and installers from conceptual design to project completion on any scale. Whether your needs call for a personal home pergola, a large-scale community project, a restaurant expansion, or hotel upgrade, Outdoor Elements is up to the task. Let us accommodate your luxury property with sophisticated louvered roof awnings and patio systems to complement any architectural style.

With a customized patio cover, homeowners can connect with nature, exercise in early light, sit in the comfort of cool shade, or entertain under the stars. Business owners can maximize profitability by protecting customers against unexpected weather. Other benefits for commercial properties include added seating capacity and greater customer satisfaction. Who doesn’t love to sit outside on a beautiful evening?

Form and function are hallmarks of Outdoor Elements. Our louvered roofing systems meet the highest industry standards with features including integrated lighting systems, classic and designer colors, weather-resistant finishes, weather sensors, automatic smart controls, innovative heating elements, retractable screens, and more.

Open your mind and experience life. Outside.

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