What Is a Louvered Awning?

A louvered roof awning consists of an aluminum frame with vertical supports and angled slats fixed at regular intervals that can be opened or closed to varying degrees. These systems function just as window louvers, allowing you to control ventilation and light levels while keeping the rain out.

Due to the popularity of louvered roof awnings in residential and commercial outdoor settings, the technology has advanced considerably. There are now smart systems that allow you to control the angle and position of the louvers with an app or remote control. Some have built-in sensors that detect weather conditions and automatically close when it rains– a considerable benefit when you’re away from home, and a thunderstorm rolls in.

A louvered awning converts any outdoor patio, deck, or backyard living space into a more comfortable, versatile area that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. The horizontal louver blades can be adjusted 180 degrees to provide full protection from rain, sun, and wind. Further, it is designed with gutters that draw down the columns and away from the structure.


two chaise lounges on the patio

Prime benefits of a louvered awning

An awning with an adjustable louvered roof can keep your outdoor area up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer months by limiting the amount of direct sunlight. When temperatures rise or on windy days, airflow and sunlight are easily controlled by rotating the louvers to the desired position. Enjoy just the right balance of sunlight and shade with the simple touch of a button, and when raindrops start falling, the slats will automatically close shut for a waterproof shelter.

Louvered awnings are easy to operate and can be designed for standalone structures or attached to existing buildings, homes or pergola structures. Some of the best and most durable louvered awnings are made of powder coated extruded aluminum and built to last for decades. Moreover, they can be customized for each client, with dozens of options for colors, finishes, styles, and luxurious accessories.

When it comes to increasing the amount of time enjoyed in outdoor living and seating areas, few choices are more valuable and functional than an adjustable louvered awning.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with A Louvered Awning System

A louvered awning system from Outdoor Elements is a stylish and low-maintenance way to maximize your outdoor living. Designed and built with your aesthetic preferences and architectural style in mind, our state-of-the-art motorized roofs promise customized solutions for home and business owners looking to enhance their properties. Contact us today.


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