What is a Louvered Roof?

A beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space is the ultimate home luxury and a louvered roof is one of its essential elements. Most of us are familiar with traditional options for backyard living such as patio covers or pergolas. A louvered roof performs the same function at a much higher level of construction and design along with innovative technical options that fit right into today’s more tech-savvy homes.  If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your indoor/outdoor living experience, learn what louvered roofs are and how they can transform the outdoor living space of your home.


What is a Louvered Roof?

A louvered roof provides protection from the elements and creates an appealing visual definition for your outdoor living space. If the design and architecture of your home are important to you, a louvered roof replaces the ideas of a traditional patio cover with a design element that elevates the overall look and feel of your home and outdoor living space. Louvered roofs are roofs built with slanted horizontal slats that can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Louvers can be rotated a full 180 degrees allowing you to customize your outdoor living space to respond to sun, shade, rain, or wind. When rain arrives, louvers in the closed position form rain channels that fill, go over the lip, and flow onto the ground, protecting your belongings.

Why Choose a Louvered Roof

Because of the flexibility and capacity, a louvered roof can add to your outdoor entertaining and relaxing space, a louvered roof can truly transform the way you experience your surrounding environment. With a louvered roof, you’ll have a more beautiful space and the ability to enjoy your backyard throughout the year. You’ll expand your indoors to your outdoors and naturally spend more time soaking up all the wellness benefits of more fresh air and sunshine. Here are more advantages to consider when you’re deciding if a louvered roof is the right choice for your space.


Relax Outdoors in any Season

Live near the desert where the heat and direct sunlight can keep you inside? A louvered roof gives you the shade you need to make indoor/outdoor living more flexible and comfortable. Best of all, you can adjust the amount of shade you need as the sun changes position. When it’s a little cooler in the morning, you can leave all the louvers wide open to soak in the sun. As the temperature climbs, simply close the louvers to the position you want as more shade is desired. If you’re in a climate where rain is a common occurrence, a louvered roof automatically closes its slats when raindrops start, easily protecting everything underneath. No more worrying about your expensive outdoor furniture suffering from the wear and tear of the elements. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a louvered roof is how much it adds to entertaining outdoors. You can have a party rain or shine and know that your guests will be comfortable. Custom features from lighting to heating add to the outdoor entertaining experience. 


Appreciate Advanced Materials and Design

Unlike your typical patio cover or pergola, louvered roof systems are engineered with durable materials, including high-grade extruded aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners. It’s a good idea to choose a louvered roof manufacturer with an architectural and design team on board so that your louvered roof will be visually integrated with the rest of your home. Think of a louvered roof more as a beautiful extension of your home than as a simple cover for your outdoor space. When you take advantage of a design team’s expertise, you can create a stunning indoor/outdoor environment that will add to the daily enjoyment of your home and increase its value.


A louvered roof gives you control, peace of mind, and a luxury outdoor living experience. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Outdoor Elements louvered roof system has been meticulously engineered for the ultimate in design, technology, and precision installation. An Outdoor Elements system can be controlled using any smart device with a state-of-the-art app, or with a hand-held remote control. Its all-inclusive control system rotates the louvers for your personalized environment and also controls integrated LED lights and optional fans, downlights, spotlights or LED color changing lights. 


How a Louvered Roof is Installed

A certified installer is strongly recommended for your louvered roof. When you work with a professional company with a team of experts at the ready, you can rely on them to ensure your roof is correctly built with all of your custom features seamlessly added to the overall structure. A louvered roof can typically be designed, built, and installed during a period of approximately 6-8 weeks


Technology for Your Louvered Roof 

Like other design elements for today’s homes, louvered roofs are designed to work on smart systems that you can access from your mobile device. Choose a company that provides you with the most options for remote control from one source. 


A louvered roof will change the way you feel about your outdoor living space much more significantly than a patio cover or pergola. A beautiful and innovative way to enjoy the outdoors in any season, louvered roofs transform your whole home and give you an exceptional indoor/outdoor living experience.

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