What is the Point of Having a Louvered Patio Roof System?

The point of having a louvered roof system is to take advantage of the great outdoors, regardless of the weather or season.  When it comes to creating an outdoor entertainment space, shaded pool area, or covered backyard patio, louvered roofs offer numerous benefits by giving you more control over your environment.

More Control Over Your Outdoor Environment

Unlike solid roof panels, a louvered roof system is fully adjustable. Motorized systems have a 170-degree range of motion, allowing you to open the louvers at different angles for the desired amount of sunlight, airflow, and shade. This versatility provides better temperature control of your outdoor space, particularly on hot summer days.

Along these same lines, a louvered roof offers unparalleled protection when wet and rainy weather sets in. In fact, you don’t even have to be home to ensure your outdoor seating area is protected during a sudden downpour. Built-in sensors shut the louvers automatically, keeping your furnishings and electronics dry.

This functionality promises more freedom to dine, cook, entertain, relax, or simply revel in the fresh air, without worrying about the elements ruining a backyard event. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, these roofing systems have another notable feature: integrated gutters that channel water down and away from the structure.

Extend Your Seasons & Outdoor Living Space

Looking to create a stylish extension of your home or commercial property? A louvered roof system improves the usability of outdoor spaces – from courtyards and pool decks to patios. Create a welcoming, sheltered outdoor oasis that is perfect for family gatherings, cocktail parties, game nights, and alfresco meals.

The innovative design of the louvered roof cover also extends the life of your outdoor furniture, décor, and fixtures since they are protected from weather damage. By adding features such as heaters, fans, lights, rain sensors, and wind sensors, you can extend the outdoor season.

Create the Aesthetic You Desire

A louvered roof system is highly customizable, letting you create an outdoor space that captures your aesthetic sensibilities. These sophisticated shelters are designed to complement existing architecture and decorating style from roof pitch to color palate and exterior finishes. Whether upgrading your own backyard swimming pool or installing a covered patio in a commercial enterprise, these systems are built to the dimensions you require. With optional features such as infrared heaters, fans, and privacy screens, you can extend outdoor enjoyment of any type of space throughout the year.

Build Your Elevated Outdoor Oasis

Get the protection, convenience, and functionality you need to spend more time outdoors with a customized louvered roofing system from Outdoor Elements. Our state-of-the-art systems are not only beautiful and practical — they add value to any home or business. If you are thinking about transforming your outdoor patio space, contact us to learn more about all the residential and commercial options available.