Where Should a Backyard Pergola Be Placed?

One of the most versatile and beautiful hardscape features among homes is a backyard pergola. These structures can be placed virtually anywhere you’d like some shade and aesthetic appeal. However, spatial awareness and functionality are important considerations if you are trying to find the best spot for pergola placement.

Create the right amount of shade

Pergolas have a variety of options, which can determine what would work best for your lifestyle preferences.. For example, those with fixed-roof beams will provide about 60% shade compared to with solid roofs or automated louvers that can be completely closed. If your aim is to maximize shade during the mid to late afternoon, then it is important to orient the pergola to provide you the most coverage.

The direction of the beams (north to south versus east to west) can either maximize or limit the amount of sunlight and shade throughout the day.

Consider the use of your outdoor space

Generally speaking, the closer the pergola is to your home, the more foot traffic it will get. If you envision a practical outdoor living space where you can enjoy a morning coffee, relax with family, or entertain friends, you might consider attaching the pergola to your existing patio or deck. This way, the pergola becomes a natural extension of your interior space.

There is also the option of creating a dedicated space in your backyard where the pergola can be the foundation for a luxe outdoor kitchen or poolside oasis. It can be a focal point and destination for specific activities: game night with the kids, outdoor dinner parties, or quiet meditation space.

Enhance your existing views

If your backyard has pretty views, it’s important to maximize the views, while still providing coverage.  Think about placing the pergola in such a way as to frame and enhance your natural vistas. You can attach your pergola or louvered roof to your home, extending the interior to the outdoors. To feel connected to your backyard garden, landscape designers recommend carefully considering the views to and from the pergola from different areas of the yard.

In addition, if you have a rustic stone pathway, garden pond, or outdoor fireplace, you can highlight these features. A backyard pergola will anchor the space and create a stylish and protected place to better enjoy these amenities.

Customize your backyard oasis

Deciding where to put your pergola is the first step toward creating a relaxing backyard retreat that reflects your lifestyle. Outdoor Elements pergola products can bring luxury to your residential space. Contact us today for more information on our custom pergolas.

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