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Your Outdoor Elements louvered roof system is custom designed to your exact specifications. You receive a one-of-a-kind piece meticulously designed and built to achieve your vision. We have engineered hundreds of standard size units with state-of-the-art manufacturing which allows us to build and design custom modules for you with custom modifications for virtually any size or shape.

We’ve engineered our systems with thicker materials than other manufacturers to allow for a greater span (up to 22′) with durable strength. Outdoor Elements louvered roofs are meticulously built to conceal bulky exterior elements, creating a sleek integrated corner feature with hidden fasteners that look clean in any residential or commercial space.

Count on our unparalleled expertise in architecture, design, and construction.

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Todd Jackson, President and CEO

Todd Jackson, President and CEO of Outdoor Elements, entered the remodeling business at age 20, became a licensed General Contractor at 23 and built his first addition by age 24. Todd’s design build remodeling firm, Jackson Design and Remodeling, has won acclaim over three decades for its design, professionalism, and integrity. Todd’s hands-on experience with every aspect of design build remodeling and his role as an industry thought leader bring a unique and valuable perspective to designing, building, and manufacturing luxury louvered roofs.


Why should I choose an Outdoor Elements louvered roof?

Outdoor Elements louvered roofs are custom designed to your specifications by a team that has decades of experience in architecture, design, and building. The Outdoor Elements system is engineered with a better fit, finish, and overall quality level than other manufacturers. Built for both strength and beauty, our systems are designed with integrated structural components that allow for a reduced amount of exterior exposed screws, presenting a much cleaner look.Our pre-cut and pre powder coated precision engineered system gives you a high quality design that is meticulously custom fit to your specifications. Other manufacturers bring coated aluminum to your job site, then cut and fit the system by hand using power tools, a process that inherently leads to a less precise end result.Our machine cut and factory finished process fills in all the edges that would be exposed when cutting and assembling in the field. You get a longer lasting, durable, and beautiful product.

What materials are in an Outdoor Elements louvered roof?


Outdoor Elements roofs are built from extruded aluminum materials vs. the rolled materials other manufacturers use. Extruded materials are formed from a large piece of aluminum which is melted to 900 degrees and then run through a press and die in the shape desired. It’s then stretched, cooled, and treated and is typically about 8″ thick. Extruded components are used in situations where precision is vital, such as NASA.Rolled materials are aluminum that is run through a series of rollers that bend it into a shape. Those shapes are a little less defined and typical of what you would find in low end aluminum siding.Outdoor Elements louvered roof systems are engineered with the highest quality materials, including high-grade extruded aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners. The aluminum components are powder coated with a superior (Super Durable) exterior grade coating making them highly resistant to corrosion and deterioration. 

Powder Coating

Unlike other systems that are painted, Outdoor Elements systems are filled and protected by utilizing powder coating. In our system, all aluminum  components are built with an electronics process that applies a powder coating material to fill the entire surface and then baked at 400 degrees. This creates a much higher level of quality and endurance.

Electronic Components 

Outdoor Elements electronic components have been engineered by some of the top supplier firms and our control systems from some of the largest, most recognizable companies in America. You can count on their durability and reliability.

How do I control an Outdoor Elements louvered roof system?

Outdoor Elements has introduced an innovative, first in the industry, all-inclusive control system that not only rotates the louvers for your personalized environment but will also control the integrated LED lighting channel, and optional colored, recessed, and post lights.An Outdoor Elements system can be controlled using any smart device, with our state-of-the-art app, or with our proprietary handheld remote control.

Do you offer protective coating if I live near a coast?

If you’re installing your louvered roof system within three miles of a coastline, consider protecting your investment with the Outdoor Elements Sea Coast Package, carefully designed to provide defense from atmospheric conditions unique to coastal properties. We first apply a manufacturer’s integrated primer to all aluminum components and bake at 400 degrees. We then apply our Super Duty Powder Coat Material and bake for a second time to precise manufacturer’s specifications which locks in and cures the material.

How large can my Outdoor Elements louvered roof be?

How large can my roof be?

Compared to other manufacturers who offer a maximum of 15′ before upgrading is necessary, the standard for Outdoor Elements in 22′.The largest single zone for Outdoor Elements is 12′ wide by 22′ long. For larger spaces or unique shapes, multiple zones can be linked together yet operated individually or jointly. Our taller beam, stronger materials, and thick built-in walls allow for an expanded width that retains strength and durability.Each Outdoor Elements roof system is custom built to meet your individual needs and can be designed to fit any space.

Where can an Outdoor Elements louvered roof be installed?

Outdoor Elements louvered roofs have been engineered for installation around the world in just about any climate. Heavy wind and snow locations require some additional component and site upgrades.Outdoor Elements louvered roofs have been installed in a variety of residential and commercial locations including exterior patios, atriums, decks, spas, pools, outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars and restaurant seating spaces, BBQ areas, entryways or courtyards, and can be attached to your home/building or built as a free-standing structure.Note on earthquake safety: Outdoor Elements systems are engineered for high earthquake areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area. 

How is my Outdoor Elements louvered roof system installed?

An experienced professional is necessary to ensure that your luxury louvered roof is properly installed. Contact us to find the expert dealer/installer near you from our national network.If you are an experienced DIYer, keep in mind that you will need to be a 9 or 10 on the scale of experience to be able to handle installation on your own. 

Can you help me with design?

We are uniquely skilled to help you create an ideal design for your home and lifestyle. Our team has many years of experience working with clients, architects, and designers from concept through completion. We can provide you with AutoCAD, Revit, 3D or detailed rendering to help you visualize your louvered roof. If you are an architect or designer, we can supply you with site-specific engineering packages to make permitting easier.

How do I purchase an Outdoor Elements louvered roof system?

Our national dealer network in most large metropolitan areas offer highly trained technicians who will work with you to install your Outdoor Elements custom designed luxury louvered roof. Contact us to get in touch with the dealer closest to you.

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